Red Paddle Co. Test-Center Gran Canaria

There is a simple reason why stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world: anyone can do it and it's really fun. But SUP offers also tremendous health benefits because it requires the paddler to engage a whole series of muscles simultaneously for both propulsion and balance.


Here at the Canary Islands there  is eternal springtime. Temperatures between the seasons vary only some 6º C, and the monthly islands average temperatures are from 18º to 24º C - that means ideal SUP conditions through all the year.


As there are so many different places where to go with your SUP, we are really happy about the evolution of inflatable SUPs (iSUPs) - you can take them everywhere, just put your iSUP into your bagpack!


Being able to take your board with you wherever you go is what inflatables are all about, but that wouldn’t mean much if they didn’t perform. Red Paddle Co. uses industry leading MSL Fusion technology, exclusive to Red Paddle Co, to really put the boards on a level with hard boards.


Test Red Paddle Co. on Gran Canaria! Just let us know which SUP you like to test - in case we don't have it available at the moment, it can be part of our next order and we will arrange a  test option. If you like to buy a second-hand Test-SUP or a brand new Red Paddle Co. SUP shipped directly to your door - just contact us!