SUP - Spots Gran Canaria

There are a lot of Websites where you find maps of the Surf-Spots on Gran Canaria. Of course your can enjoy your SUP in the waves and just visit all the Surf-Spots, mainly in the north of the island. A very nice map of all the Surf-Spots you can download here.


If you prefer it more relaxed, here is our list of SUP-Spots where you find mostly calm water and also can do some small tours. In case one Spot is only recommended for days with less wind or lowtide, we added the Windfinder-Forecast.


Agaete / Puerto de Las Nieves

The beach of Puerto de Las Nieves is devided by the old dock, with dark lava sand mixed with rocks. The water is clear and usually calm. We recommend to start from the part of the beach  on the left side of the dock - there you can paddle along the coastline in the amazing scenery of the rocks behind you. Take care of the Fred Olsen Ferry entering or leaving the harbour ;-)


This beach’s shoreline is 550 meters long and about 85 meters wide. The sand is golden and the harbour, which is located on the left of the beach, protects the waters from strong waves.


...SUP between the skyline of Las Palmas, cruise ships and the containers of the harbour ;-)


Our recommendation: combine it with the menue of the day in the restaurant Velero 1906 in the muelle deportivo (menue of the day available monday to thursday) and also park your car there. From the parking there there is a staircase to the passeo and then another down to the beach.


A half-moon of white Caribbean sand with a fringe of bars, shops and restaurants - Amadores Beach looks like it was invented by the tourist industry. That's because it was ;-) It's one of three artificial beaches on the island of Gran Canaria.


From Amadores you can paddle down to Puerto Rico or up to Taurito.


 Anfi is another gorgeous artificial beach and was built by the company behind the enormous Anfi Timeshare complex that overshadows it. Originally Anfi Beach was meant to be a private beach for Anfi customers but Spanish law forbids private beaches so everybody can use it. You will find fine, white sand and water so calm that it has barely a ripple.


On the right side of the beach there is Anfi WaterSports where you can also rent SUPs. Just paddle in the calm bay or follow until Arguineguin - if you don't choose a too windy day, you will really enjoy it!


Our recommendation: start your paddling in sunrise and relax at the breakfast buffet at Maroa Club de Mar afterwards!


This beach has dark golden sand, and round pebbly stones on the sides. The water that washes the coast is calm, with few waves. This beach offers tranquility as its location and protected environment prevent dangerous waves from coming near the shore.


In Arguineguin you can rent SUPs here.


From Arguineguin you can start your tour up to Anfi, passing Playa de Patalavaca, or down to Playa Santa Agueda where you can eat very nice and cheap fish and seafood in the Bar El Boya.

Arinaga / Bahía de Formas / Pozo Izquierdo

The bay of Arinaga is a nice place for going out with your SUP on a not so windy day. You will mainly find local people, and in nice conditions you can even do a downwinder from Bahía de Formas until Pozo Izquierdo, the "capital" of windsurf.

Bahía Feliz

Bahía Feliz is protected from the wind in North/North-East wind directions. On the beach in front of the Orquidea Hotel you find the Fanatic Boarders Center where they rent Windsurf Equipment and also SUPs.

Castillo Romeral

Also Castillo Romeral is recommended on a not so windy day and lowtide conditions.


Don't miss the menu of the day in the Restaurante Cofradía Castillo del Romeral!

Pasito Blanco

 The beach where the have-yachts and the have-nots share the sand. It's clear water is sheltered by Pasito Blanco's harbour wall.


You have to park in front of the marina security gate and pass the marina unless you also plan to eat in the La Punta Yacht Club restaurant - in this case you can enter to go to the restaurant.


From Pasito Blanco you can paddle down to Playa Meloneras.

Puerto de Mogan

Puerto de Mogan has a small sheltered beach which is also venue of the Canary SUP Challenge.


Part of the event is a downwinder from Arguineguin until Playa de Mogan, or you start in Playa de Mogan and return in Amadores, which would be the long distance race ;-)

Puerto Rico

The beach of Puerto Rico is the first of the artificial beaches in Gran Canaria to be made. The golden sand  has a great quality, clean and invigorating.  Its waters are calm, they are wrapped by two artificial breakwaters that protect the flow of sea.


Canary WaterSports is also renting SUPs.


You can paddle down to Anfi or up to Amadores, entering the sea from the right side of the beach to not cross the bathing area. be continued...

Please keep in mind: The water’s surface can be a universe of leisure and pleasure activities, if each one respects his place.


Don't enter bathing areas (marked by yellow buoys).


If there is no bathing area marked, all boats or floating devices which leave or are directed to the beaches, must do so perpendicular to the ground, navigating with caution and always at less than 3 knots from 200 meters to the coast.


If there are marked access channels, they have to be used.


More information: Legalizaciones para el uso de Kayaks y tablas de Paddle



SUP-Surfing rules:


Surf at your level: Never hit the water if the conditions are too demanding for you. Begin in smaller breaking swells. 

Never abandon your board: If you are caught by the current, let yourself drift; you will reach the coast a little farther away.

Favour uncrowded spots.

Follow surfing priorities: one wave = one surfer. The surfer who is closest to where the wave surges has priority over the others.